User’s Guide

Please follow steps below to activate your new Ijascode handsoff device/s and update business information:


1.      Check device or wearable and ensure that there is no crack or damage. If you see anything, please contact us immediately to request for a replacement.

2.      For Ijascode HandsOff Proximiner Round Device, to turn-ON, you will see a white-big POWER button and on top, a small white power indicator.

a.       Long press the white-big POWER button for about 3 seconds, then small white power indicator will display one of these 3 colors.

                                                               i.      ONE-TIME RED = means the device is OFF

                                                             ii.      ONE-TIME GREEN = means ON

                                                           iii.      BLINKING YELLOW = means LOW BATTERY

b.      Please leave your device ON at all time to ensure your website is being promoted.

3.      For Ijascode HandsOff Proximiner Wearable Device, power up your wearable by long-pressing the side power button. Once the wearable is completely loaded up (at this point you should be seeing the clock running), follow these simple steps:

a.       Very gently, swipe your screen from right to left to see all active Icons.

b.      Find the “Settings” icon by slowly swiping from the bottom of your screen going up, then tap it.

c.       Find “Bluetooth” and ensure its “ON”. When finish, go back to the main list of all icons/app.

d.      Find “More Apps” icon which is located at the very bottom of the list, then tap it.

e.      Inside you will see IjasShare icon, tap it to start broadcasting your awesome business.

                                                               i.      Note: You can press the little arrow to Pause and Start the broadcasting feature.

f.        You can leave the IjasShare running and broadcasting at the background while doing something else by simply pressing the little circle home button located at the bottom-center of your wearable.

g.       Recommended: Please leave your wearable ON and broadcasting at all time to ensure your website is being promoted (Note! it will take some extra battery juice versus putting it into a “Pause” status).

4.      Now that your device or wearable is broadcasting, note that it is promoting your business website and your custom notification message that you had entered during the business registration online, but if you decided to opt-out and leave it blank, by default, it promotes Ijascode website with your Affiliate ID that looks like this https://www.ijascode.com/?id=YOURID and a notification message that says “Magic Device For Your Business!!”.

5.      If you have provided us your own information such as URL of your website and the message you want, your device or wearable should be pre-configured with all that information already. If not, don’t worry, you can always change those parameters anytime by going to www.ijascode.com, click Backoffice and log in using the credentials you received through email from Ijascode System.

a.       When logged in, go to My Services, right in the middle you will see the list of all your devices and wearables.

b.      Go ahead and click edit to start updating related information such as Business URL and notification message.

c.       Prior to updating this information, always remember to prepare a great message and the website URL you want to promote because in any updates you committed and saved, it takes 20 to 24 hours to fully update and synchronize into your device.

6.      MUST HAVE! With your SMARTPHONE OR TABLET, download IJascode Mobile App called “IJasApp Physical Web” available for IOS and Android. After download, click “register now” button or through social login options FB/Twitter/Gmail to register and create an account.

a.       Registration by clicking the “Register Now” button - please fill up the form and provide all necessary information, agree to Ijascode terms and conditions, and hit “Register now” to submit.

                                                               i.      System will send you a verification email, once you received it, please click on the verification link provided to verify your account.

                                                             ii.      MUST BE a VERIFIED USER! When you register manually using “Register Now” button, you MUST verify your email first to use IjasApp and access all its features and benefits.

b.      Registration through social media easy-login option – please select one from the 3 social login icons, verify your credentials, and follow instructions. It should automatically log you in to IjasApp system once the verification process is completed.

                                                               i.      Note! Ijascode has nothing to do with your social login information, we never tracked anyone’s login info and we don’t intend to do so. Your social media login information is very safe with us.

c.        With IjasApp, you can test and see what your advertising message would look like.  To ensure the success of your test, these 2 things are REQUIRED to be “ON” or Activated, otherwise it won’t connect and you will not see any notification.

d.      SMARTPHONE OR TABLET’s BLUETOOTH – must be ON and only support Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 4.3 or higher, which is about 98% of the users are already compatible according to Google Dashboard Report.

e.      SMARTPHONE OR TABLET’s INTERNET – must have internet connection to open up your business website. In USA, 98% of Smartphone users are already paying for their data plan and or connected to nearby wifi signal. Definitely not an issue at all.

7.      Assuming that your device or wearable is broadcasting and you have gone through all the necessary steps, now you can test and see if you can detect them inside “IJasApp Physical Web” app. To do so, follow these steps:

a.       Login to IjasApp Physical Web App with your verified email account or social login (facebook, twitter and gmail).

b.      After successful login, normally, IjasApp will do automatic scan to detect the nearest device and load its content right away.

c.       But view all available devices within the proximity, on top-left side of your mobile screen, you will see three white small lines, tap into it to expand the main menu.

d.      Go to “All Deals”, you should be able to see and open your business advertisement as listed.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Is Ijascode HandsOff device and wearable safe? Is it certified by at least FCC?

Eddystone-URLs is google technology and is safe. It doesn’t collect any personal data from your device, no hacking, and YES our device and wearable are FCC and CE certified.

2 – Can I promote my existing website or facebook or youtube channel?

Yes you can! Just grab the url and save it on your My Service at Ijascode Backoffice, wait for 20 to 24hrs and you should be ready to promote.

3 – What is the wearable version of it? How it works? With our IjasHealth wearables, NOT only you can monitor your vital health status such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Steps, Calories burn and Sleep quality BUT also it promotes your business wherever you go similar to the Ijascode Flagship Handsoff device.

NOTE!! Results using Ijashealth when monitoring your vitals are just an ESTIMATE! Always ask your primary health provider or Doctor for an accurate report.

4 – Can I see and scan the Ijascode HandsOff advertisement in both IOS and Android devices?

Yes. By using IjasApp Physical Web on either platform, you will see your advertisement right away considering that the Bluetooth and Internet are turned ON.

5 - Can I decide to whom I want to send URLs?

You can’t “target” your audience as of now, but IjasApp will soon allow it’s users to choose what kind of adz or links they want to receive.

6 - May I use my custom link shortener?

Absolutely! You may use either Google’s shortener or the one of your choice.

For more videos and tutorials, please visit Ijascode site: https://handsoff.ijascode.com/admin-ijas-spanish-leanding-page/how-to-videos